Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Aqeela Shawl Colour Block Series 2

Assalamualaikum ladies..
We bring you again our custom made Aqeela Shawl with the combination of colour blocking lace..
  It's exclusively made for you guys who love a simple yet glamorous look.  This halfmoon shawls perfectly made from a high quality chiffon fabrics, combined with a french lace plus colourful beadings to make your look more beautiful with hijab.
Please be noted that this is custom made shawl and you can request to change the lace colour
(only within the picture below)..:)

 Aqeela Shawl Colour Block Series♥
Material: High Quality Chiffon
Price: RM50 (not include postage)
Measurement Size: Length 1.65m x Width 0.74m
Shape: Halfmoon Shawl

Code: AQ030
Colour: Cream white (Lace - Peach)
Status: Out of Stock

Code: AQ031
Colour: Firebrick (Lace - Gold)
Status: Out of Stock

Code: AQ032
Colour: Maroon rose (Lace - Gold)
Status: Out of Stock

Code: AQ033
Colour: Magenta (Lace - Brown)
Status: Out of Stock

Code: AQ034
Colour: Pink Violet (Lace - Brown)
Status: Out of Stock

Code: AQ035
Colour: Light Pink (Lace - Grey)
Status: Out of Stock

Code: AQ036
Colour: Light Purple (Lace - Dusty Pink)
Status: Out of Stock

Code: AQ037
Colour: Coral Peach (Lace - Lime Green)
Status: Out of Stock

Code: AQ038
Colour: Brown (Lace - Dusty Pink)
Status: Out of Stock

Code: AQ039
Colour: Mint Green (Lace - Peach)
Status: Out of Stock

 Code: AQ040
Colour: Baby Blue (Lace - White)
Status: Out of Stock

 Thanks to:
Makeup/Model: Syazwani Ismail
Photographer: Apaigraphy


  1. comelynya..cemana cara nak paki shawl

  2. (shawl code: AQ039, colour: mint green, lace-peach) still available lg ke?



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